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This is an argument for Textualism and Originalism, a constitutional theory that has taken root with a majority on the high court now.  It is important to understand where we have come from in order to know the republic itself, and the government we were all promised.  A republic!  If you can keep it. Herein is a paragraph-by-paragraph explanation of the entire constitution, which is the main law of the land.  It discusses our guaranteed rights with the goal of a better understanding.  The original language of the constitution in the scroll provides a clear visual separation, making it easy to distinguish the language from the explanation of each section.  My greatest hope is that it will lead to a better understanding of the government we're supposed to have, as well as a little about the founders and what they were thinking. So many times, I find people who should be knowledgeable on the subject claiming things that aren't in the text or even an idea at the time.  I hope this corrects the record.  This is a strict interpretation based only on the founder's vision as argued during the constitutional convention as well as debate at the time of the passage at each amendment.  So we're looking for the meaning when each amendment was passed.

Textualism and Originalism in our Constitutional Republic (Second Edition)

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